Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kid Friendly Valentine's Day Cards


Hello everyone!  It's play date Wednesday and today I had my stuff together enough to finally complete our Valentine's Day cards!

First, you have to make the card base.  I chose to use My Digital Studio because I wanted to have a heart to start with that really looked like a heart! Plus it let me choose my font. 

To create the card base, I created a custom project that was 8 1/2 x 11.  I added a heart punch and matted it with black.  Remember to change the color of the punch to Whisper White or it will print a gray color and that doesn't look so good with the hearts!  Add a text box to the bottom with your favorite font and then print to your printer on printer paper!  I've found that the glue sticks work best on printer paper for the kids versus using cardstock but if making a more "refined" project you could use our cardstock instead of construction paper and printer paper.

To make the hearts, I pulled out several heart punches from Stampin' Up! and a few sheets of red and pink construction paper.  Since the kidlets are both 3, it's easier for them to punch out of thinner paper than with our cardstock.  I will post mine tomorrow which is done using SU! products only!  The kids use colored glue sticks to put the glue all over the heart - this lets them see where the glue is so they can place their hearts on it. 

Callie ended up making one for me and her daddy, her Nana, and her Papa.

Henry liked this project more than he'd admit.  :)  I love this photo.  I took 7 and got 7 different expressions.

I also was messing around with the scraps and took some photos of the kids through the heart punch out on the contruction paper.  I think there is a fun technique in there that I just need to refine!

Here are some additional specials since I forgot to post them yesterday!


Click the image for more information.


Click the image for more information.
Have a craftastic day,

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