Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Focus

I always fall for the New Year's Resolution game - where you say for six months that you'll do something in the new year and then spend the first 2 weeks of the year deciding you were wrong and liked things the way they were or were just comfortable with the laziness that comes from resisting change.

This year is a bit different.  Instead of a grandeous weight loss scheme or being more organized at home and life, I'm going to focus on BALANCE this year.  When faced with decisions, I will ask myself how to keep my balance in check.  Going on 10 months with no sleep, it's hard sometimes to grasp that there is always a choice to be made in how I approach a situation.  If I focus on balance, I can hopefully internalize the irrational, express the mandatory, and have a little more fun in the moment than I have in 2014.

There will always be things that I want to work on but those things won't define the success or failure of my daily life.  I'd like to finish my husband's geneology - it's fun and it would help me get the pile of family stuff out of the corner.  I'd like to get my kids to have an early bedtime so I can have time to watch an adult tv show like Grimm without having to tuck the kids away.  I'd love to get my class schedule set up for the next six months or year so I can have it compliment my home life instead of take me away from it.  I'd love to FINALLY get those home repairs done like the ceiling fan and bathroom fans, the ducts cleaned, the carpets cleansed, etc.

But at the end of the day, I really just want to look at the world around me that I've built through my relationships and my career and be able to say "This isn't overwhelming - this is magical and I'm luckier than a kid living in Toon Town with Mickey Mouse."

So goodbye 2014 with all your sickness, your self-doubt, your sleepless nights where my mind is my enemy, your loss.  And to 2015, please come sit by me and be like an old friend - consistent, reliable, and funny.

Have a craftastic day,

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