Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Canning Adventures

I am part of a crafting group that is made up of mommies (and one wonderful aunt that will be a great mommy someday.)  While we all love our families, we needed a little break from our husbands, children, and routines.  So we started getting together and doing either projects (like Joanna teaching us to sew) or to bring our own projects (everyone else is a knitter but me!)  It's been a fun way to get to know each other better and also to branch out into creative things we don't always have time for.

Last October, our Crafting Group decided that they wanted to learn to can.  Through parents and books, we figured out how to keep ourselves from poisoning our family and friends and a new passion was born.  I cannot wait for Callie to be old enough that I can pass this knowledge on to her.  I was a hard sell - I showed up with nothing thinking that I would just help with the canning they were all doing.  I ended up at Wal-Mart (my least favorite place on EARTH) and buying a canner, jars, tools, etc.  I even asked if I could just buy a person at Wal-Mart to can for me since it looked like a lot of work.  This is when I solidified my canning nickname of Silver Spoon.

Since that fateful day in October, I have made my own peaches, applesauce, and some great butters that tasted even better when I added Crown Royal to them.  Yum.... (taking a quick pause to remember how wonderful alcohol tastes since pregnant me obviously hasn't had any for a long time!)  This year I even made freezer jam and my father is going to eat me out of my supply so it's a good thing I made a lot!

My mother always made the most wonderful jams and jellies and I haven't yet branched into this territory.  I can remember the taste of her huckleberry jam growing up - full of sugar and love - but I don't remember her making it.  I'm assuming that's because I was accident prone and was never allowed to be that close to the stove.  :)  I look forward to when we get together and she shares that knowledge now that I have an interest in it. 

My grandmother was a great canner but much of that knowledge has faded as she has grown older and her memories have started to fade.  It's a very sad thing to face and that is why I plan on documenting these things for Callie now so that she doesn't have to rely on my memory to do this for her family.

I haven't made labels this year for my mason jars because I haven't decided what I'm giving away yet.  Last year I used the Friendship Preserves set but this year I'm going to use the digital kit so that I can size them depending on the size of the jar.


This digital download is only $3.95 and comes with the four images above plus a punch the shape of the stamps so you can make your own labels!  If you would rather use the stamp set, you can find the Wood Mount for $21.95 or the Clear Mount for 16.95.
The hostess code for October is TUBSEAHG.  If you place an order online during October under $150 in merchandise, use this code and then I will draw a mystery hostess to get the hostess benefits if the October online orders qualify.

So what brought on this post?  Ilene is on her way over so we can finish her applesauce together because canning is more fun with good friends and company. 

I have to recommend Williamson Orchards & Vineyards to get your local fruit for canning if you are in the Boise/Marsing area.  Their Web site is and they are kind and wonderful people.  Their honeycrisp apples are amazing and that is what we are using today!

I love that we can support local businesses, good friends, and make memories all with the simple act of canning.

Have a craftastic day,

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