Sunday, April 5, 2015

In the Spirit of Giving

We are makers of cards.  We buy supplies.  We create ideas.  We play.  And sometimes we even put all of these things together and send out the cards we make. 

I have very thoughtful friends.  When my daughter was born, there was quite a scare and I relied on the staff at the hospital to get me through.  With all the emotions, I didn't have time to think of how to say thank you any more than I already was.  When our friends had their daughter 12 weeks early, they were also overwhelmed by emotions (and still are) but their friends stepped up and took the reins on making sure the staff at the NICU was aware of how much we appreciated all they were doing.  We said thank you on their behalf so they could focus on their tiny, beautiful, amazing girl.

These thoughtful friends organized a group of us to each take a week while little one was still in the NICU.  For our week, my dearest friend Ilene and I create a set of notecards and envelopes for each of the staff members at the NICU.  While 75 cards can be daunting in a day, we really enjoyed creating and laughing and talking about a variety of things while we stamped.  It was our version of "whistling while we worked." 

I've shared this design with you before but we adapted it to work on the notecards.  We used many Sale-a-Bration products because that Simply Wonderful stamp set works just perfect when you want to tell a nurse or doctor that they "are the best" and "Thanks so very much" and that we are so "happy for you."  We hoped to have Callie help us sponge the Simply Irresistible DSP but she was too engrossed with Mickey cartoons to assist much.

We didn't even think about packaging.  After Ilene left, I stared at my punch boards and boxes and thought "Do I have any creativity left in me?"  Turned out, I had a few words left to share.  I discovered that 5 of our notecards and envelopes will fit into our clear envelopes. I wrote a nice note to put in the front, saying what I wished I would have said five years ago to my nurses and doctors. I stamped the top with two sayings from the For Being You stamp set as well.  I'm so glad that I spent all that money so I could get these items.... :) 

I hope you all have a great Easter.  I hope your hearts and homes are full.  I hope you hug your children and call your parents so that the people in your life know that they are special to you every day.  I have thoughtful friends that remind me to be thoughtful to others, so thank you all for all you do to support me, my family, and my life.

Have a craftastic day,

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