Friday, August 9, 2013

Halloween Mixed Media - Lessons Learned

At Convention in July, I took three of the best business classes. Can you tell how much I enjoyed Convention this year?
One of the classes I took was called Living the Creative Life.  As a quote junkie, I loved all the creative quotes that she had throughout the class.  But it was the words she said, not the words she found, that made the most impact for me.
The class was taught by Carrie Cudney,  one of the wonderful employees at the Stampin' Up! main office.  She started the class by asking us what a creative life looks like.   Until the question was raised, I assumed I lived one.   She included five keys to living a creative life.   
  1. Be aware.  Of your creativity and of your need to live a creative life which you deserve to live.
  2. Be playful.  Think of a way to do something fun while doing something you do not like - like wearing crazy makeup while weeding.
  3. Be adventurous.  Be open to trying new things.
  4. Be courageous.  Share your creativity.  You can teach someone something new.  You can boost someone's self-esteem.  You can help someone be more self-aware.  You can give someone an escape.  You can provide an opportunity for someone to make a difference.  Because creativity is a cycle.
  5. Be kind.
I realize that I live a creative life by crafting with Callie and learning to see things through her eyes.  I also know that I've committed to a creative life by leaving the corporate workplace and embracing the time I have in my life to be a stay at home mom and teach my classes.
At the end of the class, Carrie provided a few samples that she put together that embraced the five points above.  She had never done mixed media before and set forth to do it with our new Witches Brew DSP and washi tape.  She did three canvases and walked us through how she came up with the ideas from other Pinterest pins or showing samples.

Her canvases look like they were 6x6x2.   I only had a 6x8x1/2 canvas so I had to make a few adjustments.  Below is the canvas I came up with.  And the experience taught Callie what "glue" smells like and she doesn't like it!

  • Paper: Witches Brew Designer Series Paper, Silver Glitter Paper
  • Markers: Basic Black
  • Accessories:  Canvas, Pumpkin Pie Ink Refill, White Paint, Foam Brushes, Modge Podge, 1 1/4 Circle Punch, Buttons & Blossoms Simply Pressed Clay Molds, Simply Pressed Clay, Witches' Brew Washi Tape, Multi-Purpose Adhesive, and Scissors.
Craftastic Notes:
  • Modge Podge will smear our markers.  That is what happened in the upper corner with the spider web.  I would suggest doing the Modge Podge, Painting, Modge Podge, Layering of the DSP pieces, Modge Podge, and then doodling.   You don't need to seal the doodling.
  • When doing the clay buttons, mix the clay with the ink refills in a baggie (to avoid getting black on your fingers) or leave it white and color it after it's dry.  Press into the mold.  Put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes to harden it and it will pop right out of the mold.
  • Mix your paint with water and refills.  This will allow the DSP under it to show through a little.  If it's not dark enough, you can drop the refill right on the canvas (after Modge Podge is applied) to make it darker.
  • To give the shadow, apply the marker and then go right after it and smear it.
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Witches' Brew DSP - 132185 - $10.95

Witches' Brew Washi Tape - 132156 - $4.95

There was room for improvement in my canvas - I learned those lessons the hard way.  But I was courageous by trying and adventurous by not giving up when I thought I ruined it!  And I'm sharing it so you can learn from those lessons when you try one yourself!   I think I'm in love with living a creative life.  How are you living a creative life?

Have a craftastic day,


  1. I love your ghost!! He's darling!

  2. I love it! I am scared to try one of these mixed-media projects but you are inspiring me.

  3. I love it too! It rocks!


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