Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, a New Focus


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While my intent for using this blog is to share ideas and specials with you, I also want to use it to work on my writing so I'll have some My Thoughts sections in here now too.  If you aren't interested, you can skip it!  :)

2014 isn't going to be a year of goals or resolutions but rather a year of survival.  With a new baby joining us in February, the key resolution that both my husband and I have is to get organized.  My only resolution pre-Michael is to get the house cleared out and ready for a new little person.  What does this mean?  It means getting the following projects done off the top of my head:

  • Clean out the garage
  • Clean the garage floor - obviously dependent on project 1
  • Go through my college boxes - I'm old enough now to get rid of most of it
  • Get the closets cleaned out so they can be used
  • Get our big donation off to the Youth Ranch
  • Get the pictures into frames and on the walls
  • Set up Michael's room
  • Clean all the baby stuff out of Callie's room so everything in there is age appropriate and donate anything too girly for her brother.
Today we started by having the domino furniture move.  We took the bed apart, traded the dresser from the spare room for Callie's old changing table, moved in the chair, moved out the matresses and gave some of it to our dear friends that helped us move who needed a few things that we hadn't figured out what to do with.  A good day for all!  Plus no one crushed Callie's feet so that was nice!

On the crafting front, I have a few goals too.  Since I'm no longer an active cog in the corporate world, I have to make sure that my Stampin' Up! business is self-sustaining.  That means I have to start actually tracking a few things to make sure I'm not spending more than I make!  My creativity goals are:
  • Create a spreadsheet to track expenses
  • Design my Sale-a-Bration camps and use the same projects for all my pre-baby workshops
  • Finish scrapbooking 2013
  • Scrapbook 2014 within a month of the prior month
  • Complete Michael's baby book
  • Complete the decorations for Callie and Michael's rooms
I hope you have attainable goals in the new year and you get a little time to yourself to be the you that you are.

Have a craftastic day,

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