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May 2015 Paper Pumpkin - Birthday Bundle Bags

Have you heard of Paper Pumpkin?  I usually say it's a kit that comes right to your door but I've come to realize it's more than that.  It's a kit that allows you to spark your own creativity or fill up your artistic tank using someone else's inspiration.  It's an amazing deal.  It's you time in a box.

As for details, the kits are designed to be completed in 30 minutes or so but I've found it's usually 90 minutes to complete everything in there.  They come with instructions, project/card supplies, ink, and photopolymer stamps.  They do not always include adhesive though most of the kits in 2015 have included all that you need.  The stamp set is exclusive to the Paper Pumpkin program and helps you build up your inventory with great sets whether a new crafter or experienced artist!  The first month you join, you get the kit for that month but with the clear block that will be needed to use with the stamps that come in other months. 

These products will be on trend and the kits will be either cards or 3D.  Part of your pumpkin adventure is that you don't know what you will get until it shows up at your door!  And, if you get a kit that isn't up your alley, put it together and give it as a gift to someone for the holidays or birthdays or just because!  Or you an defer or cancel at any time.  That cost is $19.95 per month plus tax and is charged on the 11th of the month.

But until June 10th, you can get two months for HALF OFF!

Go to to sign up today!

Want to get an idea of what you could be making?  This month's kit was called Birthday Bundle and included a five piece stamp set, Island Indigo Stampin' Spot, and supplies to make 4 bags and 6 cards.  Today I'm posting the bags and will post the cards over the next two days.

The bags come with yellow tissue paper to highlight the balloon cutouts in the bag but I didn't want to crinkle mine before I used it next weekend for all my birthday parties!  Also, I made all of today and tomorrow's projects is just under 2 hours while my daughter was making her two cards.  :)

This first bag is what is included in the instructions.  Adorable, eh?  I love that the Celebrate stamp works perfectly in those banners so I can use it for other cards and crafts!

For this bag, I wanted to stamp on the balloon directly (I needed the banner for a card I'm posting tomorrow).

A tip for the twine.  It says to cut to 18" in the instructions but what if you don't have a ruler?  I threaded the long piece of ribbon in the bag and when both the ends were at the bottom of the bag, I cut.  This was a little shorter than 18" but gives you plenty to tie and also leaves a little bit to use for other projects!

When you put together everything, there is a few extra tags.  I used my Island Indigo marker and inked just the "Happy" from the Happy Birthday stamp and stamped the tag.  I then unraveled the spare twine I had left after threading the bags and tied the white twine into a bow to attach it to the bottom of the balloon.  Now I can use this one for anything - like Callie's preschool graduation but I don't think the gift she wants is going to fit in there....

This final bag was my favorite.  I wanted to see what I could do with the bags if I covered up the balloons.  Maybe for Father's Day or another occasion that didn't scream birthday!  So I cut one of the cards in half and trimmed it to 5 1/4 x 4.  I then attached it to the front of the bag using adhesive.  I cut one of the party strips down to attach on the front and then used the piece I trimmed off the card to make a banner to put under it (that Island Indigo strip.)  The image is up on dimensionals.  It would make a great card layout too.... :)

Keep those little strips that you trim off as there are all sorts of ways to use them, as you will see with the cards tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed my creations and that you'll join me for next month's kit!

Take care,

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