Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Crafts - Day 10 - Another Cheesecloth Ghost

Have you seen those great posts in Pinterest to build the life size dress forms for Halloween that stand by themselves in the yard (assuming a big wind doesn't blow?)  This week's kiddo craft for Halloween was the starchy cheesecloth ghosts.  It was a messy project with the kids but they had fun and practiced good hand/eye coordination.  It's a little hard to aim a squirt bottle at cheesecloth and not shoot right through it but thankfully Nana Sandy didn't mind the mess.

When you make these, you have to start with a form for them.  Most blog posts I saw used soda bottles and dowels but you can use what you have around.  In this case, I asked Meghan if we were making Molotov cocktails but neither of us drink soda much so there weren't those bottles to use.  You use tape or washi tape to attach the arms and the Styrofoam ball at the top.

Then you cut your cheesecloth to cover your form.  You want it to pool at the bottom since that is what provides the support for it to stand.  We ended up with about 2 yards on this little guy. 

The kiddos spray the liquid starch on the cheesecloth until it's really wet.  Don't forget to really spray around the head or else when you pull it off the form, it won't really hold a shape for a head.

Once thoroughly doused, we recommend letting them dry for about an hour.  We took the kiddos to the park and let them play so they wouldn't touch them!  When we got back, we had to use a hair dryer on the bottom as where the starch dripped down, it was pretty thick and wet.

Callie named her ghosts Scary though it's not scary at all.  She likes to keep her eye on it.

I have one more Halloween project that I will be posting on Sunday.  I am super proud of this project as it's a gift for a very Halloween spirited friend.

As for kiddo crafts, we are done with the Halloween crafts for now for our playdates/  Moving forward, I will post our kiddo craft every Thursday, whether is uses Stampin' Up! materials or not. I think it's important to explore creativity with your children and I hope some of these ideas help make that easier for you and your family!

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Have a craftastic day,

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