Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Scrapbooking - Day 4 - Mini Book - Banner Pull Out

Some of the page protectors lend themselves to inserting little mini books versus single photos so that you can get more happy holiday faces into your scrapbook!

This one isn't a mini book as much as a solution for pull outs in divided albums in general.  I've found in the past that if I use a tab on a photo, it eventually comes unglued.  I'm not a fan of staples and I have never actually sewed on a card.  So I was trying to find a way to pull out photos to easily see what is on the other side.  In this case, it's my lovely Grandma on one side and my adorable Mother-in-Law on the other.  To do this technique, you have to put something on each side to cover up the hole.
  • Punch a hole with the small heart punch at the top of the Old Olive 4 x 6 piece, about 1/2 from the top.  The point of the bottom of the heart should face the right edge of the cardstock.
  • Take one of the strips leftover from cutting your DSP and fold in half. 
  • Insert it into the heart and add adhesive to keep it closed. 

  • Create a banner end using your scissors or the hexagon punch. 
  • Layer a photo on the front and back of the cardstock to cover up the hole.
Have a craftastic day,

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